Work Ethics

What’s better? Doing a good job because you like to do good work? Or doing a good job because you feel passionate about something?

It used to sound obvious to me that the first is superior. This would ensure that you always do a good job, despite the job, and this will maximize your chances for success in the world. Simple. Straight. Easy. Right?

But living my life that way hasn’t gotten me anywhere really important. In fact it’s become one of the biggest hurdles in my life to get over. I’m finding that, where others with similar chances in life and now are doing GREAT work, I’m still just doing.. a good job.

The difference between me and those people is that they waited to find something that they’re really passionate about before they committed to doing better than just a good job. A commitment is a powerful thing, and while I’ve been blindly whoring my good work onto every other field I’ve encountered, I’ve never really felt the power of full commitment.

And now commitment, passion, and great work is missing in my life. How sad.

So learn from me boys and girls, sometimes a job well done is not its own reward.


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