Ancient Alien Armageddon

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Imagine that we created a system that scans with 99.9% accuracy all asteroids currently around us and can calculate whether they will ever collide with Earth, even 1 Million years later. Then we find a huge one and it’s gonna hit Earth’s orbit dead on and wipe it out, except that it won’t happen for 10,000 years.

So there’s hopefully a good chance that humanity will exist then, but we don’t know in what state. What if there’s some sort of political unrest and nuclear bombs wipe out most of man except for a few. And they start all over again in some form of dystopia that lasts for a few thousand years. So in case something like that ever happens, we need to make sure that people don’t forget and they remember that doom is coming to them at a certain specific time.

So a bunch of people from all over the world team up and they start figuring out a way to create a lasting message that warns our future of this imminent doom. They go on a large campaign to spread the message in forms of stories that has proven to implant itself in human psychology in some specific manner so that it will persist throughout time.

Maybe another sect decides that they wanna do something about it so they start creating weapons to shoot the meteor out of the sky when the time is right. But they have to make the thing last 10,000 years so they create huge indestructible structures and hid weapons inside that will activate at the right time.

And to make sure that it lasts, that people take care of it, they begin rituals around the structures, idolizing it. Creating a system of beliefs that brain-washes people to take care of the weapon, to worship it even.

Or maybe not. Just saying it’s possible.


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