Isabel Allende quote on languageIsabel Allende, and the way she wrote about writing itself, inspires me to increase the quality of my writing.

But why?

There must be some deep yearning in all of us to recognize quality, without being able to precisely point out what about it makes something so rich, inviting, beautiful. I don’t know what it is exactly about that quote that attracts me. I’m sure professionals of literature could point out semantic tid-bits that causes it to be so well structured. I’m sure seasoned veterans of writing can explain certain nuances of how she writes that triggers happiness receptors in a readers mind.

But I know from experience that knowledge isn’t truly power. Experience and practice is required to reach wisdom, which is true power.

I read this book once, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, where the author talks about going insane when delving into the depths of quality, what it is, why it is, etc. And how he had to rebuild his life after shock-therapy.
So I can appreciate that quality, what it means, what it actually is, is a very dangerous issue. But it is an issue that we must all be willing to pursue, maybe not through intellectual rigor, but definitely through practice.

One step at a time right? So for now, let me see if I can improve my writing. Once again, Isabel Allende gives a perfect reason why.

Isabel Alende on the importance of words


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