Smooth and shiny surfaces hide worlds

I remember one time in school, the teacher began describing to us how the surface of our desk looks smooth and flat, but if we zoom in we’ll see that there are cracks and grooves and markings.
And when we zoom in further, we’ll see that those cracks become canyons, and mountains, and an entirely new world exists under the surface of our hands on a smooth surface.

Similarly, everything I’ve encountered in life is smooth and definable on the outside. And when looking closer, when understanding it better, I realize that there are deep worlds within and what I see from the outside is just an illusion brought on by my ignorance and limited scope of vision.

Attack of the blobs

We can’t help but perceive our world as blobs at first. Blobs of people and blobs of ideas, some blobs small, some big. Some blobs are darker, some lighter. All blobs are just simple abstract identifiers we have in our mind. It’s a way for us to easily and very quickly identify important things like where we are, how we are, are we going to die right now?
Beyond that you don’t really have to look deeper, it’s unnecessary. And beyond a thought of “oh I wonder what that person is really like beyond just my perceptions of him,” it would be inefficient to live our existence trying to see all of reality any deeper than the blobs.

Triumph over the blobs

But it is very important to keep in mind that those blobs don’t really exist, they are just part of how we easily and quickly chop up reality to understand and react as we need to.  But underneath that perception, underneath the blobs, there is depth and wonderful things and also scary things.

If you don’t get the point, here’s an example

It’s easy to see the case with human beings.. sometimes. But what about a traffic pole on the sidewalk? How is that more than just a blob of “pole” in the normal sense? What depth does that pole hold?

Well.. for starters, why it’s there?

It’s there to prevent cars from accidentally jumping curb and killing dozens of people on a busy pedestrian way.
Someone had to think about that. Is it a law or some industry quality standard practice? If it’s a law, wonder who it was that first thought “man.. if only a large pole was there, then it could’ve prevented those kids from being killed by that lunatic driver.” Was it hard for them to pass that law? Was there any opposition?

But why would there be opposition?

Maybe people would object the federal government from enacting laws on the state that would force hundred of thousands of dollars in he state budget to implement this new law, is the fed allowed to do that? Maybe it’s not the fed, and it is just a state law?

Either way, someone had to justify the expenses it’d require. Or maybe it was enacted because the economy was down and they needed some social project to boost morale and get people employed?

Whatever the reason, this pole and other similar poles exist, wonder where it came from? Where is the metal from? Was it shipped here from some far away country? Wouldn’t it be crazy for our ancestors millions of years from now to see remnants of material that they know could only have come from sources of such iron or copper from mines in Chile or Sudan?

Wonder how they dug it up? There was a person behind some machine, or maybe even just a pic axe. They were the first to touch the raw stuff that made this pole. Wonder what his or her life is or was like? Were they working this job because they didn’t have the opportunities to go to school and do something else that wasn’t manual labor?

I don’t know the answers to these questions.
But now suddenly that pole is a lot more interesting.

So keep in mind that blobs aren’t just smooth shiny surfaces in your life. There are whole worlds within when you look closer.

(if this was a video then it’d totally end with zooming into something smooth and all sorts of crazy stuff is shown and zoom in further and further and there are molecules and atoms and quarks and then the video would suddenly go black and credits would start rolling)

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