1. Someone who’s job was to keep check on quality, stops doing their job. Banks start to loan out to people they shouldn’t be. Investment firms invest in things they shouldn’t be. Marketing agencies marketing things that they shouldn’t be.

2. All the lowlifes waiting for an opportunity to get rich quick with little effort begin to exploit the lack of barriers and become middle men, the charming devil at the gate beckoning innocents in with fantastic stories of the heaven that awaits them when they do.

3. A few innocent ignorant fall victim or take the risks knowingly and then they go back and tell their even more ignorant and innocent friends and families of just how rich they got.

4. The bubble quickly expands due to an inrush of ignorant fools and seedy lowlifes, both parties trying to make a quick easy buck.

5. The people who were really in it for the love of it start dropping out, doing things on their own or moving on to other interests, sickened by the the quality of people that took over their once pristine turf.

6. With no more actual productive people left, no more real production occurs, the house of cards collapse with all the innocents and lowlifes trapped inside.

7. The innocent fools and their even more ignorant and foolish but concerned and loving family cry in outrage that they were fooled by those who “ran the show.” Meaning those lowlife middle men, but ignorantly putting actual productive people into the same category.

8. The government steps in and adds regulations, barring any real productivity to occur anymore in that industry. Only the few who truly loved it go back, pick up the pieces, and now work even harder than they’ve ever worked before with the burden of government regulation and public disapproval and hate of that industry.


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