Job’s jobs

How was someone able to develop an entire industry before the age of 25, and then do it again a decade later?
If you go back and watch all the videos of him talking and explaining, you can see a common underlying theme that he lives by.

He believed that his life should end with him having changed the world in some way. Right now if you look back on Macworld 1998, it begins with a fairly famous advertisement for Apple, Think Different. It was erie for me to watch this.. because I half expected to see a video of Steve Jobs in his own commercial.
And why not, go watch that commercial, you’ll see that he should fit right in there.

But there are lots of people who might have the same convictions, that they want to change the world in some way. So why was he so successful?
Again you can look back on his old videos, especially some of the videos that were shot when he was CEO of NeXT, to find out a hint of why.
You’ll notice that he has visions for a new future that he and his company and his team will create. But you see this vision through him doing mundane things like demonstrating Mach OS’s ability to play 12 quicktime videos simultaneously.

Steve Jobs eats, breathes, and lives his vision. Every single thought and word out of his mouth aligns towards the possible outcome of this vision.
The secret to Steve Jobs is that for him, a vision wasn’t just something he imagines every once in a while. The vision is an inevitable future that he is living for right at that moment.


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