I’m not someone to make very many mistakes. Cold and calculating, I can and do analyze every single situation and determine how to do things, when to do things, and whether I should do things.
And that’s probably one of the biggest mistakes I am making in my life.

All my experiences of life and people so far shows me that levels of success are determined by how much balls you’ve got. I’m not saying that you’ll be unsuccessful in life if you don’t have balls, I’m just saying that the bigger you play, the bigger you may win.. and lose.

So it’s absolutely possible for people to coast through life without doing much of anything, and dying happy and (according to any monotheistic orthodox belief system) be invited into the embraces of the Almighty and coddled in his arms for being the mediocrity that God apparently created him to be.

But if that’s not the kind of life you want, then you play big and you may hope to win big. Or lose HUGE.
But that’s how it’s done. And you know what? Maybe God DOESN’T want you to be a mediocrity. Maybe God actually stacked the odds in your favor so that when you play the game big, you will win big more often than not.

Maybe God isn’t a casino.


One thought on “Casino

  1. Corporate hemoglobin in disguise

    Blasphemy! He is 99 things, but cheerleader ain’t one of em’.

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