There are people in your life who can do amazing things you can’t do. So why waste your time, and their time, talking about useless things that bring no value to anyone?
If at the end of each sentence uttered by a person doesn’t make you even an ounce better than how you were before, either spiritually, emotionally, or mentally, then what the hell are you doing with that person?

And if every sentence you utter doesn’t similarly enlighten the other person, then shut up. Shut up and at least listen intently to those who can do it.
Let them make you laugh, let them make you cry, let them expand your mind, let them tell you their deepest darkest secrets, let them be of use to you.

Stop being scared. Stop being scared to try and say something useful, something true, something deep, something that makes you vulnerable to the possibility that they’ll look at you weird and not reciprocate or appreciate what you’ve just said.
And then stop hanging out with those people.

Go hang out with people who you’re ever climbing some great mountain with. Every single moment is spent furthering each other’s lives, ever slowly moving higher and higher towards a better existence. If you don’t have any of those in your life, what a damn shame. You’re a loser. But it’s ok, that’s just a temporary life situation that you can solve easily. There are lots of people out there. Or maybe some of your equally loser friends will join you if you suddenly brought up some real emotion that has been plaguing the real you.

And of course, remember to laugh. Laugh and joke and say the most outrageous things to each other, comfortable that you can let yourself free like that. Once the soul is opened, and you peak inside each other’s dark corners and find that it’s not really that bad and you don’t mind the weird smell from certain sections of the closet. Then there’s very few uncomfortable zones and at no point do you have to screech to a stop and go through the mental checks of “wait, can I say this? Should I say that? What will they think of me if I say it?”


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