Counter-intuitive engagement

I’m sure there are lots of smart professors and high-paid market researchers that have already done thorough studies on this. But since it’s probably very useful to my life, I’m not going to read their findings.

Instead I’m going to create my own assumptions about social media engagement and present it to you. So you too can also ignore this post beyond the title or the first line.

What I’ve found is that there’s a negative correlation between how useful a piece of content is and how much someone will engage it.
You’d think that if I were to post content that will bring happiness to your life, you’ll engage it more than you will something that is absolutely useless. But I’ve gotten several likes when I changed my profile picture, and zero likes on lots of posts that would have helped expand your mind and bring more fulfillment and joy into your life.
You’d also think that a positive post would have more engaging comments than a negative post. But I have gotten lots of feedback from my racist, sexist, homophobic, and bigoted posts. While everything positive I’ve ever written has been largely ignored by this community.

The outcome of this is that I, because I’m seeking self-assurance and happiness through other people’s level of attention towards me, will push more and more the boundaries of bitterness, sarcasm, and negativity.

But, these are general assumptions and so there are outliers. And those of you who have reached this far into this post, you are one of those few who are the opposite of the usual mindless automatons that populate our Human species.
So pat yourself on the back. If there were more of you, then others who produce content would be more inclined to produce positive, helpful content.

Now you’ll excuse me as go and watch the latest news about school shootings, economic downturns, government corruption and ineptitude, and teenage pop-stars crashing and burning due to over-use of drugs and sex.


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