Imagine if one man stands up and tells you that the things you believe in is wrong and causes lots of people harm, like fiat currency, devaluation of young human beings through outdated testing methods, greedy consumption of the Earths resources, or hatred towards another culture’s belief system and way of life. We would, and have, killed those people. Somehow one man survived it, despite how his family and tribe tried to murder him.
And now we regard that man as a prophet and use his name to destroy the minds of young people by telling them to stop thinking and accept society and it’s ways without question, destroy love between two innocent youths because of cultural or economic differences, strap explosives on their body and murder innocent human beings, lie and cheat on a national scale to amass weapons of mass destruction.
I’ve been to Medina and I’ve seen that man’s grave, and I can just imagine him rolling around, restless, because of the use of his name to destroy lives that he was trying to save.


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