When you punch an object, there is a lot riding on the moment of impact between your fist and the object. That moment is the culmination of your body, muscles, bones, ligaments, thoughts, and feelings, focused down to a single point of impact with the object you’re punching.
If you focus in on that moment of impact, zoom in the timescale, you’ll see that there is a lot of activity, collisions and a build up of energy, which reaches a peak and then quickly expends, faster than it took to build up the energy.

This is known as a “bubble” and is a common design pattern in the universe, hence why it’s a common design pattern in things like the financial markets and social trends. Take for example the social media trend. Now, I’m not knowledgeable enough to try and pinpoint exactly where we are in the growth of this bubble. Are we close to popping, far away from it, maybe already have popped? I can make a conjecture though that we haven’t popped yet, the energy in social media is still building, the social media market is still expanding.

When you’re punching objects, one of two things can happen. One, you end up relatively unharmed, or two, you hurt yourself. What determines which one will happen, occurs in the moments right before the impact. The tightness of specific parts of your body, and looseness of others, the angle of the hand, the amount of force, etc, all of those must be right. Within very small thresholds for error, or else you can seriously hurt yourself when punching something.

Similarly, if people are not prepared and their angles are wrong or their muscles are not in sync, they can get hurt in the social media market, once the bubble bursts.
Around me a gym and a dance studio closed down and they were replaced with office space. Trendy office furnitures can be seen through newly remodeled entrances, all paid for by a group of people who got a couple million dollars backing from a group of rich people, and they’re set out to make money. And make money quick of course.

These are the ballast that brings the bubble to the bursting point. When the bubble does burst, most of these people will come to realize that they don’t actually have anything of value to offer people.
And just like the tech burst of the late 90’s took down all those fluffy useless web companies, similarly companies that have no real earnings, no reliable customer base, no actual use to society, will crumble very quickly.

The few companies that have figured out a way to become an important part of people’s lives, companies like Facebook and Twitter, Apple and Google, will of course remain. And companies like my own, will probably disappear.

Unless.. you follow my three easy steps in surviving the social media bubble burst in my book:
Bursting the Boil on My Butt

Kidding. I’m surprised you’ve read this far so I thought I’d give you a treat.

Anyways, basically what we have to figure out is how to become useful to society.
That’s all, simple, and one of the most difficult things to do.


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