People sometimes incorrectly use the statement “there is no right or wrong, no actual good or evil, there is just what’s so, etc.” as a justification for destroying the word “better” from their lives.
It is true that there is just reality and human concepts of “good” and “right” and “evil” are something that we attach to thunder, solar-eclipses, and small fractional differences in DNA for the color of human skin.
But, it’s also true that human beings largely live in a figment of their own imagination. Hence, the concepts of “good” and “right” and “evil” that we attach to thunder and so on.
So there is a “better” in that we can become better at distinguishing reality from non-reality in our minds and then behaving in integrity with truth.
But.. don’t fall for the trap of making your truth “good” or “right,” and the other person’s truth as “evil.”


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