It’s not automatically bad to a drama queen. Some of the people I most admire in life are drama queens.
It’s just a matter of what you’re being a drama queen about, having something larger than worrying about what someone said or did to you or people you care about. Larger than seeking attention to justify the reason for your existence.

It’s difficult to disengage yourself from that kind of drama. It’s not about becoming numb to it or not caring about it. That’s just self-deception. It’s about being so involved in something else that means so much more to you that you really can’t spend any of your time dwelling on the other stuff.
And it’s very important to not try and deceive yourself. Some people I’ve come across hold themselves back in living life because inside they’re too involved in pretending to not care when they really do. That’s probably the most dangerous form of drama actually, to be a drama queen to yourself inside your own head.

But once you get over that and you begin to have larger drama in your life, you start to become active in your family and begin mending wrongs like when brothers don’t speak to each other for decades, fathers who’ve disowned their children, mothers who go unappreciated, spouses who go uncared for. You begin to become active in your community and help those who are truly needy. And it just keeps growing, your drama.

You begin to realize just how powerful you are as a human being because of just how much of a drama queen you are. Every one of you.


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