The product has a soul. If approached this way, creating a product is very much like raising a living creature. In a weird way, even though you’re the creator of the product, you are not the owner of it’s soul. It has a soul of it’s own before you even pick up the tools.
Where did this soul come from?
It’s from all of us. When you think of creating anything, music, a wood carving, a program, you have to place that thing within the context of human existence. Even if the only person who will ever hear that music is you, the creator, you have an idea of what the music may do for you, and that’s where the soul comes from.
So during the creation process, it’s not the job of the artisan to mold the wood to fit what he or she has in mind for what it should look like. It’s the job of the artisan to free the soul from its cage. Caught in that block of marble or wood. Captured behind that blank canvas. The artisan must let it loose on the world.
I don’t know. Some say to make money, some for fame, some for just themselves. A few do it because it’s good and what is good must be done.
Why are you doing it?


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