Good design in essence is and should not be noticed by the masses. If too many usually-unconscious people notice it, then it has obstructed their mind long enough to snap them out of the dazed stupor that they usually exist in.

That poses a problem for the designer. The designer is egotistic and wants people to notice his genius. But he’s shooting himself in the foot because the more he progresses in his craft, the better his designs will be, and the more they will go unnoticed.

The marketer is the bridge between the ever expanding gulf between the human intelligence, and the artistic mastery of skilled professionals. It is the marketer’s role to communicate to the masses the things that they should appreciate about the product or service provided by the designers.

A good marketer isn’t a hype man. A good marketer believes in the product, sees potential in the product, sometimes even more than the maker of the product themselves. The marketer might even love the product more than the designer.

And a good marketer’s heart has to be even more open than that. A good marketer must also understand the people and what they truly want and need in their lives. A good marketer must be aware of the pains and struggles of life, the joys of life, and the desires deep within the heart of man. And as such, this usually leads to a love of man, with all their foibles and greatnesses.

Love is a strong grip on the object of the affection. A good bridge needs strong grips on the the lands that it spans. Such is the good marketer that spans the chasm between good design and the rest of humanity.


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