The process of analysis includes cutting the universe down through distinctions. Distinction is when you separate something from another thing. When you say “I am here” you’re making a distinction about where you are vs where you are not, “over there.”
Analysis is like a knife that cuts the universe. Every time a human being makes an analysis, they are saying something about the universe, what it is and what it isn’t.
Without distinction, for man the universe is just a cloudy haze. Take for example massage therapy. To a person not skilled in massage, when they look at a person’s back, they will see a cloudy haze of what they logically assume is muscle, then bones and organs encapsulated within the bones of the chest. Once they begin to learn massage therapy, they begin to realize that it’s not just one mass of muscle, but multiple different muscles running like tension wires throughout the back.
Distinguishing one muscle from other, this person has just went through the process of analysis.
The process of synthesis is not the opposite of analysis. When you analyse something, you cut the universe, when you synthesize it, you don’t sow the universe back up, instead what you do is make a logical conclusion about how all the cuts tie in together to create the “true” fabric of the universe.
Synthesis is the complement to analysis. Taking the massage therapy example, once you’ve distinguished the different muscles apart from one another, you don’t go through a process of synthesis to put the muscles back in your mind as a cloudy mass. What you do is find the connections between the muscles, the ligaments, the bones, and the organs. Finding these connections is the process of synthesis.
So when a person tells me that they have an “analytic” mind. All that means to me is that there is some belief system within their minds that forces them to favor the analyses process over the synthetic process. This leads to short sightedness and an unbalanced lifestyle that usually leads to what most people refer to as “assholes.”
And when a person tells me that they’re “creative,” which is what people assume is the synonym for synthetic, all that tells me is that they are unbalanced in another way where they live a wishy washy lifestyle and can’t tell the difference between right and wrong most of the time. What people refer to as “flaky.”
The balance comes from throwing away outdated models of labeling people as “creative” or “analytic” and looking for ways to increase your abilities in analysis and then synthesis of what you just analyzed into a cohesive “truth” until you’re proven wrong.
That’s what most people have a natural tendency to do anyways, so why not just embrace that and stop fighting it?


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