In whatever you do, the doing of that what will eventually hit a wall until you figure out why you should be doing it.
But don’t fall for the trap of waiting for the why before you start doing some what. That’s the oldest trap in the book.
The best thing to do is to do the what aimlessly. That’s the only way to get knowledge about all the whats there is to do, and then it’s easier to figure out the why.
But I also believe that every single person is built in what an ultimate why. But through badly designed upbringing, this ultimate why is buried deep underneath a pile of shoulds.
And so if that’s the case for you, that all you have is a bunch of shoulds, then just do those shoulds until you figure out why you shouldn’t be doing those shoulds. And then eventually once you’ve why’d out all the shoulds in your life, you’ll be that much closer to that ultimate why.
But I think a lot of people will have a hard time doing that. I believe it’s because a lot of people are scared that their ultimate why is evil and bad. Rest assured. No one’s ultimate why is evil or bad.
What is evil and bad is never finding out your ultimate why.


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