Desi truth

As a desi I have this tendency to avoid having to say what I feel is absolutely true. This is problematic because I want to be someone who will tell the truth, the harsh truth especially. But it’s those harsh truths that are the hardest for me to speak of. I know this is a usual human fallacy, but I believe that there is a level of indoctrination in the desi community to not say things that are uncomfortable in a dialogue. To say a harsh truth brands you as an asshole or a bitch. Saying the harsh truth comes off as uncouth, as a low type of person, someone uncultured.
So I would like to fight this trend right here and right now by saying a really harsh truth that I know is hard for me to admit to, and for a lot of you to probably hear.
So hear goes..
I think I’m pretty damn awesome.
THERE! It’s out now.


One thought on “Desi truth

  1. is the trend delusional truth telling?

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