raising design

Design is not a static quantity. When thinking of “good design” one thinks of the moments before action. Design, to them, is the planning phase of the task. That is not the truth in reality.
Design is a hand-in-hand process over time of the implementation of the product. Yes it’d be nice to start the design phase before implementation. But usually that’s never the case.
Normally you have something to start off with. In software it’s a prototype of the main concept. In architecture it’s the site. In clothing, it’s the human body. Design devoid of these already-existing artifacts would make no sense. Imagine telling a shoe designer to forget about the “usual” concepts of what a human foot is and just “design” a shoe for.. whatever.
Good design, I’ve found, starts to emerge after a few failed attempts at thoughtless and stupid implementations to try to bumble towards the final goal. Then you rip all that apart, throw it in the garbage, then sit down with a pencil, paper, and your mind and you begin to design something.
An interesting thing about good design, I’ve found, is the the more trashed ideas and failed attempts you have, the closer you are to good design. But there’s some sort of psychological trigger in our mind telling us that every-time we fail, we get further away from good design. So after maybe the second or third time we fail, we either give up entirely or we just settle for the fourth attempt.
Perseverance and tenacity is just a fancy way of saying you’re crazy and, after the 100th trashed attempt, you’re still trying to do it better.


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