Why do people kill? I know personally I don’t want to ever kill anyone.
But is that really true? I know often times I have a thought of “if that kind of person didn’t exist, the world would be a better place..”
In essence isn’t that a murderous thought? If I verbally expressed this thought to that person, can’t that person rightfully think that I wish his or her death?

If that’s true, then I should just stop entirely thinking thoughts of improving the world by getting rid of people. But that doesn’t mean that my belief isn’t false. The world WOULD be a better place if those “kinds” of people didn’t exist. But what do I mean by “kind?”
What I mean is that there are certain behavior that I witness where I can see direct or indirect correlation to suffering. Specifically where the behavior isn’t doing really all that much good except maybe making the behaving person feel a little better in some ways, but it harms a lot of people including themselves in a lot of other ways as a price.
And it’s easy to just say “well hate the sin, not the sinner.” But sometimes the sin exists only because the sinner is just the way he or she is. And trust me, I believe in transformation of the human soul and have witnessed it personally and experienced it personally. But I also know the immense amounts of energy and effort required to achieve that level of transformation, where an asshole suddenly becomes a love-able human being.

Those kinds of transformations are miracles where lots of small things coalesce together in the right way and the right time and something magic happens. That’s why everyone’s transformational stories are so inspiring and interesting because it is real magic that everyone CAN experience in this reality. But man.. the effort it takes to do it once.. just once in someone’s long boring life. It makes me really depressed to think about it.
And so I guess I wish that they’d just die instead. It’s so much easier for the universe.


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