Universal Design Pattern and Utopia

One universal design pattern is what I like to call the “tree” pattern. It’s a very simple pattern and I believe that its simplicity is an indicator at its incredibly good design.
As abstractly as possible:

  1. You have one grand principle
  2. You have corollaries to this one principle where:
    • All the corollaries are still valid within the grand principle, meaning the corollary doesn’t contradict the grand principle
    • Each corollary is distinctly different from all the other corollaries
  3. Each corollary becomes its own grand principle with its own corollaries

This simple design pattern can be seen in language, mathematics, social behavior, biology, economics, basically everything and anything in some way has this pattern somewhere.

One thing I was thinking about was religion. I was reading up on Utopia and in a way I’m a Utopian because I’m constantly trying to find a way that we can have Heaven on Earth. For example, when I came across the section about religious utopias, I began to wonder how we can bring together all these disparate ideas of religion into a social structure such that everyone can have their own religious beliefs, but without eventually ending up in conflict?
So I was thinking that what if we had a society where there was one (or a few) grand principles that everyone can agree on.. except for the few insane people. Things like “God doesn’t want you to kill me,” I believe that’s one almost everyone can agree to.
Each religion can then scrub their religious beliefs of anything that contradicts the grand principle, such as “God doesn’t want you to kill me.” and after the scrubbing, then all those religions are automatically corollaries of the grand principle of “God doesn’t want you to kill me.”
Thus we have unification of all religions living harmoniously under one society.

But, if people want to continue keeping in their religious beliefs things that contradict the grand principle, they will have to live outside of the society. The problem with that is that there is no “outside.” It’s one big planet and the resources aren’t all spread out evenly everywhere. You can try and figure out some sort of harmonious solution but the bottom line is that eventually you’ll have to interface with them in some way or another. That interface automatically includes them into your social structure, there’s no avoiding it, and eventually there will be conflict and disharmony.
So the only real solution would be to kill them.
But then that violates the grand principle of “God doesn’t want you to kill me” and so this entire Utopia will crash to the ground in utter failure and chaos.
So all the grand principles HAVE to apply to every single person, they all must agree to it, and already be living by it. Or somehow transformed into living by it.
Even one single dissension, ever, will bring the entire system to a collapse. Thus why it’s been so hard to get a Utopia out of Humanity so far.


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