When you move into a larger house, you think “ah! how nice to have so much more space!”
A week later the joy wears off and you’re be back to status quo.
So the investment in effort that it took you to move from where you were to another place was worth a week of joy.
The new car you buy, maybe a month of joy before you go back to how things were.
That cake? 2 minutes? Or maybe you hate yourself before you even take the first bite.
I think sometimes, without realizing it, we’re doing a lot of work for very little real benefit. We work 40 hours a week for months to someday realize the dreams of moving to a new place we’ll enjoy for only a month, maybe.

But I believe that there are things out there where the amount of joy exceeds the effort put into it.
Usually thought it’s counterintuitive, where we think that the things that will give us real joy will be the things that take the most amount of effort. For me, I’d much rather work my ass off so that I can throw money at my family instead of having to actually talk to them, understand them, share my life with them, show them my love for them. Imagine the MINUTES of talking I’d have to do to attain joy at having a close family that I care about and cares about me and will try to help me any way they can if I get in trouble and vice versa.
Too much work.


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