Unemployed with a vision

A visionary, like me, is constantly seeing the world as a malleable entity that can be reformed through the will of one or a few individuals.
But usually the visionary is trapped inside a reality that isn’t real, that’s why very few visions actually make it out. A culture or society where norms, such as employment, keeps the visionary at bay and tethers him to a cycle of consuming addictions, and paying for these addictions by being subservient to a group of people, all of who are also leashed to each other in similar ways.
But sometimes, something causes the bondage to break and the visionary is left with a question..
Do I really need it? Do I really need employment?

One thing that I’m noticing while choosing to be unemployed. BTW, huge difference between choosing to remain unemployed and forced to be unemployed. My world is a constant opening for opportunity and I see it everywhere, where else if I was looking for a job, I’d be too scared and narrow minded to see much of anything. Anyways, one thing I’m noticing is that the hobbies I had, they just start to transform and mature into methods of making money, or things related to making money.

For example, this blog that you’re reading right now.
I’m learning how to market and appeal to others. How to communicate and serve through just words alone.
I’m learning how to organize text on a computer to make it the most appealing while at the same time the easiest to read and convey the idea.
And I’m working to form everything together, compose it all into this point where I’ll be able to inject an idea into your head and have it stick and maybe even germinate.
Suddenly this blog, that I would write at work sometimes to avoid having to work, has become my method of training and it’s taken on a whole new world, a whole new life, and a whole new experience for me.
Imagine that suddenly the things you love doing became richer, sweeter, spicier, and the things you hated doing disappeared from your life. That’s what this feels like right now.

Yes there is fear also.
Fear of failure.
Fear of not being enough.
Fear of being wrong.
Fear of looking foolish.
Fear of making a mistake that I’ll regret for the rest of my life.
But all that fear, at this point, is just fodder for a steam engine, building up the pressure to move my ass into action.

I know it’s a luxary. I know that only a few lucky people like me are able to take a few months out of their lives to experiment. So many others are stuck in a reality that isn’t really real but they can’t get themselves out. While even more all over the world are stuck in a reality that is real, and they can’t get out except through death.
My heart goes out to the latter. You’re my inspiration to continue existing as free as I can so that I don’t waste this opportunity.


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