Scientists believe that in the beginning there was the singularity. It was the entire universe as we know it, condensed into a point that has 0 length, width, height, and time.
Meaning that, in the beginning, the universe was everything and nothing.

What was before that? Well there wasn’t any before, time didn’t exist.
Then scientists believe that for whatever reason, this nothing exploded. Out of this nothing came everything.
Here the story usually goes into the everything, the atoms and molecules.

But what happened to the nothing? The nothing was still there, but now it had to share “space” in the universe with everything, conceptually. But literally, nothing exists where everything doesn’t exist. They share the universe together, in fact they are the universe together.

Before the big bang, the universe, which in fact is a misnomer if used in this context because the universe is wherever everything exists and before the big bang nothing existed. But we have to give some sort of identity to this non-thing that non-existed before the big bang so that our human brains can understand it. So before the big bang, the “universe” didn’t even have nothing. The concept of nothing didn’t exist without its counterpart, everything.

After the big bang, there were now two things, everything and nothing, a duality. There are lots of very fundamental dualities in our conception of the world. There are dualities of right and wrong, good and bad, true and untrue, positive negative, etc. A key attribute of a duality is that without one, the other doesn’t exist. All dualities are linked in some way, they aren’t just important in our society and our reality, but are in fact just shadows of the larger duality, everything and nothing.

Thus even the fabric of our day to day lives are tied in with the universe in such a deep level. When you try to think about what the right thing to do is, you are participating in a dance that reality is participating in, from every single particle of your own body, all the way up to the galaxies whipping each other about in the halls of our universe.


2 thoughts on “Bang

  1. Very well written. Of course, scientists as they are known to do are updating their theories. Some scientists, at least, now seem to believe that concepts like the Big Bang, black holes and singularities have a few anomalies that therefore require new theories. Of course, what happened before the Big Bang will forever be a matter of theory (conjecture) because you can’t observe what is outside of the universe.

    • Yah! and I have so many conjectures. One being that:
      What also interests me is that there is nothing, like real empty nothing, in between the cracks of the everything in the space that is floating around right in front of your face. So imagine if you can see all of reality, from every single molecule of air down to the atoms and even smaller (quarks and red green blue and up spin and down spin and stuff) and can see those cracks and in between you can see the darkness, the void that is not-anything. Imagine if that exploded again. Because each of that not-anything can be just a patch just like the patch of fertile non-universe that we sprang up from. And imagine if you can see that universe explode within this little crack between matter. And if you could see all the other cracks maybe you’ll see glittering masses of universes exploding.
      And then you looked around you and everywhere all you can see is creation within creation within creation in between the fabrics of reality and you look up and you can imagine your vision now turning into the most powerful telescope, zooming far far past the boundaries of our galaxy and all the galaxies to the ends of our universe but you can’t see any further past it because beyond there is not-anything and that’s a sea that doesn’t exist so you can’t cross it no matter what kind of ship you build.
      But maybe you’ll have a suspicion, or maybe you’ll just know for certainty. That you and the universe you exist in is also an insignificant universe in an insignificant crack between reality of a larger parent universe that has infinite cracks with infinite other child universe. And on and on creation spins.

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