One demand we have of consumers is to be able to know right away how to use something. Do you know how hard that is for a designer and an engineer to come up with? Long gone are the days where people just give you scraps of metal and wood and a manual on what to do with it. It ended after Windows 3.1. Do you remember getting a thick manual with your Windows 95 that you downloaded illegally or brought off the streets of Bangladesh? No.
Now there are apps that you just click two buttons to install on your computer that fits in the size of your palm, where before you would have to back up your freaking registry on a hard disk that you inserted into a large box, then hack the registry to get certain programs working.
But it’s fine. That’s what the consumers want, and engineers at Apple, Google, and now Microsoft has figured out a way to provide 13 year old kids the ability to provide things that your grandmothers can use to keep track of her sleep schedule. Download “Sleep Time” by the way, it’s a bomb app.
A new revolution in Design and Engineering is taking place and it’s actually pretty cool. Before you didn’t have to really understand the psychology of the consumer. You had to just give them something functional, and they gave you money in return. Now people with business degrees and psychologists are in the programming industry. Understanding human behavior, what they want, how to give it to them the safest, easiest, and fastest is a very interesting topic. You learn both about others and you learn about yourself. This higher level of awareness about the mentality of others is a quick progress towards the next stage of conscienceness in people.
Take for example one idea that any kid reading a marketing blog will first come across. Human behavior is largely emotional, not rational. This is a concept that didn’t exist in the minds of the layman 20 years ago. And are you kidding me? It’s the biggest secret opening inside every single person out there. It’s the fundamental basis of marketing actually. That’s why as soon as you go into marketing class, you throw away rationality, you throw away hard science, and you look at the statistics and are shown over and over and over again that humans have acted largely based on emotional responses and needs, over rational judgement.
And that’s why no one wants to open up a manual and read the instructions. It’s difficult to go against our nature of just grabbing something and putting it into our mouths and rub it all over our body. It’s what we are basically programmed to do and we’ve been doing it since we came out into this world.
Let me give you a prediction. Ultimately, if we get a chance to get to this stage, we will have gadgets that you put into your mouth and rub it all over your body to get some sort of really useful function.


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