What I’m learning in Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf’s book “Moving the Mountain” part 2

It’s actually against the will of God to mindlessly believe and practice the “religion of your father.” This is the mistake that Abraham was unwilling to make when he bashed all of his father’s idols and probably ruined the family income for a few months. It’s a source of the hypocrisy that the God keeps iterating over and over again in the Quran that we need to avoid.
Respecting your parents doesn’t mean blind obedience. Respect means to listen and to make an concentrated effort into understanding and then practice based on your own personal acceptance of certain conclusions, not your parents.
That is what the Prophet wanted from his Ummah, that is what God wants from all of us. So it’s ok to express your misunderstandings and your doubts. If you feel like you don’t even believe in God, chances are you do but you were just spoon fed a concept of God that is just another idol that falls short of the wonderful reality that you see. It falls short because reality is so amazing that there no contradictions in reality, but you see blatant and obvious contradictions in your religious faith, in the practicers of that religion, and in the concept of God that you are supposed to believe in. There is no contradictions in God.
And at a certain level, language is insufficient to transmit a full understanding of God without there being contradictions. So religion is something you have to personally experience yourself and it is your own and only you can make sense of it in your own head outside of language.
But be aware, just because you may be excused from language, doesn’t mean you’re excused from contradictions.


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