The human body, mind, and spirit are designed to become numb to almost any sensation. Like numbing your skin by slapping it before injecting a needle, one can numb their mind to horrors by slapping it with some genocide to not feel the pinch of racism or sexism. What kind of creatures will man become in the future where all the horrors of humanity will be available at their fingertips? What will they be able to justify by saying to themselves “well at least I’m not as bad as THAT person there..”
But it can also be a powerful tool, not the internet.. that shit is useless, I mean being numb. Imagine numbing yourself to joy and happiness. Imagine doing something small for one person and becoming so numb to it that you need to do more to recapture that feeling of belonging and usefulness? Imagine becoming so dead inside that only the largest acts of goodness will bring you any emotion. But it’s also a numb of effort, where small amounts of effort will be so insignificant that, what used to be once greatest acts of humanity, will be as insignificant as flossing your teeth. Imagine being a Gandhi that has already gone through all the usual acts of bettering himself that he isn’t satisfied till he frees an entire nation.
In a weird way, Hitler and Gandhi were both dead inside. But there’s the death of a zombie, moving beyond any possibility of recapturing a life that once used to exist. And then theres the death of the Buddha, the stillness inside which is an opening for the greatest joys and is the hidden true life beyond death.


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