Wanted Ad

Someone who:
-Will tell you the truth even if it will hurt both you and them to do so
-Does something that needs to be done or they said they will do despite being afraid, tired, stressed, or lazy at the moment
-Will be kind to you even when you’re the one in the wrong, but not untruthfully, but compassionately
-Doesn’t cut corners even if no one else will ever find out
-Cries when they’re sad, laughs when they’re happy.
-Knows when they’re wrong, apologizes authentically, and attempts to make up for what they’ve done. Or at least keep from doing it again.
-Is consistent with the things they say vs the things they do. If they don’t do much, then they don’t say much. And if they say a lot, they do all that they say.

This person doesn’t have to know exactly what’s right and wrong. This person doesn’t have to be funny or smart or athletic. This person doesn’t have to have some sort of amazing talent or lots of money or fame. This person is just someone I’d like to respect and just know that they exist, maybe even hopefully I can call my friend and be called theirs. That would make me proud, because I’d like to be that person too for someone.. some day.


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