Falling from grace:

Is that doughnut calling your name? Do you have an urge to play that video game?
What’s your vice?
But you’ve noticed that when you fall for these things, you end up feeling hungrier. There might be a sense of guilt, there might even be a sense of self loathing. Is that cigarette making your mouth dry with desire?
Is your throat itching to feel the burn of that drink?
In life there are two alternatives, two choices to make. You can either do what you want, and usually end up feeling bad about yourself. Or you can do what you know you should but really aren’t “in the mood” for. You can go work out, you can tell your parents you love them. You can learn some new skill. You can keep that promise you made. You can do your homework, you can do extra credit. You can pray, you can meditate.
You can either fall.. or you can rise.
But no one seems to be acrophobic, that fall, that slide into that sin, always seems so inviting. And life mostly seems to be some claustrophobic cave where there’s no way to go but down.
But it isn’t.
There’s always a ledge to climb. And where it might seem to be dark above your head, it’s actually an immense cavern that is waiting for you to light the walls with your being.
There is always another ledge to climb. There is always such great heights to soar. And people do soar, and they land next to you and tell you how beautiful it is up there, but you’re so scared of that next ledge, of that next effort.
And the fall seems to be so inviting.


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