Sell our soul for theirs

The vintage are the stores in Bangladesh streets where someone sits silently in a small cubby-hole full of goods displayed to sell and people come in and out without anything transacted except a few words, money, and valuables.
It is a business pattern that is as old as the beginning of the retail stores back in babylonian times.
The successful businesses, that I have encountered, engage their customers as audiences and partners, not just as traders. The business touches their customers, the deeper the touch, the more successful the business.
What the new business needs to do is make sure that every single individual that engages in the business, in any way, leaves with a part of the business with them, not just in the trade of goods, but also the vision and the soul of the business.
To do this, first the business needs to define the soul and the vision.
Then it’s just a matter of creating fun, free, spirited, and challenging methods of sticking a part of the business unto each individual.
One challenge that any new business has to overcome is the barriers within the mind when they deal with the word “free.” We must have faith that the adage “There is no free lunch” is a true statement that has subtle depths and qualities. When something is given away for free, what is taken is loyalty, compassion, understanding, partnership, and indebtedness. These are far more valuable than the margin of profit made on each sale.


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