American Audacity

One distinguishing theme in a lot of Americans is their overbearing sense of self righteousness. This is annoying in a few Americans who’s ability to think clearly and understand rational logic is limited by a false sense of their own value. But in others, it’s a refreshing feeling.

It’s refreshing because, where other cultures somehow create people who shun responsibility and try to offload it to the next person, Americans like to tackle responsibility when they probably have no right to do so in the current job that they’re in. One would intuitively think that this is a bad thing, no manager would want their subordinates to start encroaching on their territory. But counterintuitively this doesn’t actually occur because there is always enough responsibility if one chooses to take it on. There’s always improvements needed to be made, there is always things that aren’t being done that should be, there is always room for growth. That is the opportunity God has provided us by making sure that things are never perfect.

In a country, like Bangladesh, when you want to get something done, you have to prepare yourself to climb a ladder of lackeys until there is one lackey with the right stamp to approve your action, granted that it is an action that is right and should be approved. Or.. you have enough money to bribe them if the action isn’t right. The number of lackeys you have to climb is directly proportional to the amount of individual conceit that is cultured by the culture. In America, usually you have to go through two levels, maybe three if it’s a really complex issue. More if you are one of those few who’s ability to think clearly and understand rational logic is limited and it requires several people giving you the same rational response before you give up your irrational requests.

The outcome of this difference is the loss of time and money for each individual problem that occurs in a society. Each lackey that you have to go through costs both the business and the person’s time and money. The average number of lackeys correlates with the efficiency of any system, whether private or public, and thus affects that national success and the individual success of the nations citizens.

So why does a difference exist? It exists due to the underlying philosophies that each culture abides by. In a culture like the American culture, it is the individual that is primary, then everything else based on that person’s preference. In a culture like Bangladesh, it is the family that is primary, then the neighbors and what they might think, then maybe themselves. In a culture like the American culture where people are more likely to feel personally responsible for the outcomes of their job and the people they interact with, they will go out of their way to take actions that further themselves and people around them. In a culture like the asian cultures, where people are afraid of overstepping their roles and having the wrath of their fathers/boss/government upon their heads, they are careful to tread lightly and not stick their necks out too far in fear that it will be chopped off.


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