dear god

It feels to me like the prayers I have inside my head just echo in a vaulted lonely space. So maybe these bits floating on silicon chips will reach you instead.

Please give me a 10 million dollars. I’ll spend it wisely, I assure you.

I’ll put 50 percent of it in investments that I’ll personally do diligent research into. At less than 5% growth, I can live off the profits of the investment alone without having to work.

I’ll put 20 percent into some venture in Bangladesh, maybe start a school system where I’ll hand pick teachers that will focus on values such as integrity, rational judgement, and quality of values and conduct.

10 percent I’ll put into some mosque where I’ll make sure that there’s an Imam that provides interesting and thought provoking conversations, open to new ideas and new concepts.

The rest of the 20 percent I’ll squander away on food, trips, and showing off to my friends with things that I don’t really need.

Thinking of you always,


One thought on “dear god

  1. deliverer of prodigious suffering

    why is it that you always make me smile with your blogs? who dared to thumb down this post? don’t worry, i will hunt them down.

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