Chicks, Islam, Reformation

No one would actually argue that Jesus or the Prophet Muhammad was a sexist. So it’s interesting that the most sexist behavior are correlated with fundamental Christianity and Islam (I said correlate, not cause, so don’t get your pretty little panties in a bunch).
One of the key contributions of the Catholic reformation was the further equalization between women and men. Women began to preach, they began to speak out, they began to have a voice.
A key individual in this reformation was Anne Boleyn. She indirectly began to cause King Henry VIII to disengage from the church just so that he can marry her, and then directly introduced him to the Protestant doctrine and seduced his ego with the concept of a Sovereign King that supersedes the church. Fast forward only 400 years and the greatest Protestant nation, America, allows women to vote and wear jeans. A true sign of equality and the end of women suffering and the beginning of women suffrage.
So what about Islam? How many more centuries do we have to wait for a similar reformation?
The problem, and the great thing, about Islam is that we don’t have a dominant figure to hate and point fingers at. We have no Roman Catholic church, we don’t have a Pope. We can’t fight against anything because there is no one but ourselves to fight against. That’s great because it gives us a free will that wasn’t offered to majority of Catholics for 1400 years. No single entity is in charge of going around and murdering and enslaving people in the name of God. We do that all by ourselves individually.
This lack of leadership also means that there is a lack of leadership in the movement of reformation. During the 1400’s, there were kings and rulers of empires that single-handedly led the reformation against the Roman Catholic church by giving them the finger and going ahead and skipping out on Sunday Mass and beheading their wives when they got too annoying. Ironic isn’t it? The same woman that gave Henry the power to divorce as he pleases, got divorced herself and had her head chopped off. And thus the reformation of Christianity is exercised and women are on the road to redemption.
In Islam, the doctrine of sexism is passed on not through a church or a Pope, it is passed through by slow training of our young children by their sexist parents. So for every person that is raised with a liberal mind about women’s role in Islam, there are two raised to beat them down into submission. And even worse, for every person, in a country like America, that is raised by society to believe in women’s equality, there is another hidden person inside that person that actually behaves otherwise. This bi-polar attitude is probably the biggest obstacles to women equality, because the first step to curing it is to admit that you are a sexist.
So I’m a sexist. I have lots of internal moments where I feel like a person is inferior to me just because they can’t pee standing up without messing themselves. It’s a thought or a feeling that sparks up inside my head automatically, and then I have to consciously ignore it and behave otherwise. It’s some sort of internal psychological training that I have to undo, I don’t know where it came from, and it doesn’t really matter. It is my mind thinking the thoughts, my body doing the actions, my mouth saying the words, my responsibility. What is most important is that I re-train this mental muscle to do other more useful, and more rational, things.
Like hate black people and Jews.


5 thoughts on “Chicks, Islam, Reformation


    And if there are not two men [available], then a man and two women from those whom you accept as witnesses – so that if one of the women errs, then the other can remind her.

    1 man= 2 women in terms of trustworthiness.

    Muhammad was a fairly open sexist.

    • The Quran are the words of God, not of the Prophet. So just because God think’s that women are scatterbrained so that they need check each other’s thinking, that doesn’t mean that the Prophet thought so himself.

  2. bloodstream of syncretic traffic

    it’s interesting how we all think.. as just a woman or an american.. or whatever culture i was brought up in i want to say “that’s so unfair.. why is it that a woman needs TWO or more witnesses where a man would need none” im actually not sure if whatever the other commenter said is actually in the quran or hadith or whatever but.. there are a lot of translations that appear to give women less value or appear as “scatterbrained”.
    anyways so there is that american brought up woman who thinks “UNFAIR!” and then there is this other side that wants to believe in god and the quran and the prophet and the hadith .. and all that. who not just wants to but does believe it.. so tries to seek some kind of explanation that makes sense–that disregards the apparent “women are less than men”. and when seeking that..ive told myself that god.. the all knowing.. knew the reality that wed live in would be a sexist one. it’s not easy to get to the conclusion that god is actually giving women a fair chance in the reality that we live in.

  3. That is irrelevant he is just saying how to go about it. What is relevant is that there is no deception in the Quran. Show a deception, there is none, why is this book flawless and all the other scriptures contain errors? Dr. Gary Miller was a christian missionary and now came up with a series called The Amazing Quran on YouTube after he read the book. There are no errors, no contradictions and all the things it claims it is correct about.

  4. Here it is Dr. Gary Miller is a logician and a Mathemetician and he knows the Quran better than most Muslims I know. Srsly, he actually knows what Muslims believe and realizes what we realize about the Quran, see if he makes sense.. remember.. he was a born and raised Christian Missionary from a good family and Mathmetician and Logician.

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