Truth Speak

Whether it is from God or somewhere else, there are natural laws that are enforced on those who transgress it, a justice that is absolutely impartial and objective.
One of these is the act of speaking truthfully, down to the most granular.
And whether it is from God or somewhere else, speaking the truth absolutely is one of the hardest things to do for Mankind.
To tell a loved one that you do not want to do something that they wish you to do, that is hard.
To tell a person who holds your life in their hands a truth that you know will probably lead to your death, that is hard.
But even harder still is to tell a person who holds the life of someone you love in their hands the truth, that is almost a sin and is considered selfish.
But no matter the consequences from the outside world, there is no greater consequence then that of the punishment from God, or whatever force created and sustains these laws.
The least of these punishments are a haunting of your own self. Fear, anger, anguish, disappointment, depression, and even insanity are the immediate consequences of these lies. Who knows what other punishments follow later.
The corruption of my lips is a testament to the fear and sadness in my heart.


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