The mother swallow

The young swallow grew up crying and feeding
her mother providing for her very needs
But one day her darling mother
pushed her off the nest, quite a startling deed

Suddenly in the air with no ground underneath
She frantically flapped her wings with all her might
And when the impact of the ground never came
She opened her eyes and saw that she was alight

She gracefully landed on some nearby branch
And gave her mother such a good sounding off
Then she flew off to be free of her crazy mom
And said, “I will never be like HER”, with a scoff

One day she found a mate and soon they were wed
And they had 5 darling children in their nest
All chirping happily day and night
She soon started to become so stressed

After weeks of feeding them mouth to mouth
Foraging food for herself and for the little ones too
She began to wonder at just when her children would grow
And begin to fly for their own, she suspected one already knew

So one day she tiptoed ever so carefully
Behind her boisterous son, who she knew could fly
And she give him a mighty kick in the rear
And he fell for a while, but then quickly flew up so high

As she saw her son soar through the sky
While chirping angrily back at her
She smiled softly, light at heart, she finally understood
That long ago she had made a drastic error

She forgave her son for her angry words
And finally forgave her mother from so long ago
For kicking her so rudely off the nest
She at last took the anger from her heart, and let it go


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