What is it little one? You didn’t like that I called you that. Yes, your thoughts are very clear to me, how else do you think I’m talking to you except directly inside your head? It’d be really interesting if you were thinking up all this yourself wouldn’t it? I mean, the creature right now in front of you is staring at you as if it’s communicating with you, could that creature not be me?
It’s really amusing to me to see you. It’s been years since I’ve come visited all of you. Well, my years are a little longer than yours, in your time it would be a few hundred of your generations. You’ve come a.. ways.. since then. At least there’s been some change. I see you’ve spread all throughout this habitat we’ve provided for you. Yet you’ve come so little in terms of actual growth, and you’re coming up on that time period where it’ll be the hardest for you creatures.
You’re starting to put some pieces together in your head, I can see that you’re not one of the denser.. what do you call yourselves now? Humans. It must be nice to have so many questions answered for you, I like how your mind is behaving right now, it feels good to me. I will continue to tell you that we created you. No, we are not a God or gods, we’re creations ourselves. We don’t know by who or what either, maybe there are some greater existences we unaware of, watching us from time to time to see how their little machines are doing. Yes machines, you find it interesting too? Good, your mind is soft and light, it’s a nice mind. I’m glad there are Humans like you, maybe the next step isn’t that far away then. But my oh my how small you still are.
Oh that’s wonderful! A touch of anger, it’s so quaint. I will stop teasing so that your mind doesn’t stop its wonderful dancing. But to us you are like the computer games you create. Little machines, an imitation of the larger complexity that we are still trying to understand. Oh yes, don’t think we have all the answers, we may have all the answers that YOU are capable of, but our own existence is full of mysteries. In a way, this God you are thinking of is very much like our own concept of the Ultimate, although your understanding is very rudimentary. But so is ours, relatively, so we’re in the same boat. It’s funny isn’t it? We created you.. or so we think.. but we’re all equally puzzled as to why we’re ultimately here.
Why? Oh don’t ask why we created you, you wouldn’t like the answer. What if I said that it was just someone’s hobby and they sort of hit upon this thing you Humans consider as life. Would that give or take away any meaning for your life, your existence? Yes? Your mind is so funny. It’s a real delight seeing you really. I feel what you might say as.. missing you, do you feel it? Yes you do feel a faintness of my being don’t you?
But I must go soon. Yes, you do wish you could come along. But where I’m going, you are already there, you just don’t see it. That’s why you can’t come. One day though, you will be able to go there. And we’ll welcome you. Till then though, I’ll give you a piece of advice, maybe you can tell the rest of the Humans. You know that feeling you have when you were young and you looked at the grown-ups and you felt that desire to grow up like them? Yes that one right there. And when you did grow up, yes.. you understand, you’re feeling it right now. Yes it is a little sad, but it’s necessary. Well, that’s what my advice to you will be, enjoy being so young and little while you are it. You’re so innocent, and there’s so much potential for joy in your life, you should take advantage of it.
Till you see me again. Goodbye little one.


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