Ayn Rand is rolling in her solid gold coffin

When the nations of this world listens to my ideas and works hard to implement them, I’ll tell them to stop their useless method of philanthropy. This will be my message to the producers and creators of the world,

You the wealthy, the able, the producers of prosperity in your community and nation. You have been told over centuries of altruistic dogma that the key to your salvation is thinking of others and sacrificing your mind and your body to the second handers. And you were told right. Thinking of what humanity needs and wants, listening, caring, and feeling the biologically enhanced social emotions that you have, is both a method of getting really wealthy, and also attaining happiness and peace in your life. But you need to stop what you are doing. Trying to help hundreds, thousands, millions of people with your millions of dollars will come to no avail. When you give a million dollars to a million people, then only the dollar stores of the nation will prosper.
The proper method is, counter-intuitively, to take one person from a low income community and take him or her under your wing. Just one. Teach that person how to listen, how to think, how to feel. Teach that person what it is like to live a life of a moral human being, with critical thinking and integrity. Train them to think of what they can do versus what they can’t. Make them realize that wealth is abundant, money is not the root of all evil, and using the mind to think and create results feels really good. Answer all their questions with utter brutal truth, and have compassion for their problems and thoughts. Show them to not fear the world and its creatures. Then let them go back to their community, not with any agenda or goal that they must or have to produce. They will take care of themselves now, naturally, without any more of your help.
You the able, so far you’ve been blowing your breaths under the tent, hoping to create a pavilion. What you need to do is find a pole and prop the tent up before you enter its shade. Each individual, able, producer is capable of producing more than they and even their family can consume. This wealth flows out of their already full wallets into the hands of those around them. It’d be like going to a poor dessert village and setting a seed of a plant that will grow to give shade to the entire village. You only need to plant the seed and then go your way. And if you taught that person properly, they themselves will one day feel inclined to take individuals under their wing, and then set them free.


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