Prophet Engineer

One way to effectively analyze the Prophet, and figure out the reason for Islam, is to look at the fundamental reasons for the changes that the Prophet brought. One change, for example, was the treatment of women.
The prophet understood that the treatment of women around his time was harming his society and keeping it from attaining further growth and prosperity. In very simplified terms, women are 50 percent of what it is to be a human being. Anything less than 100 percent (50 + 50 percent) is less of a human being. Anything less, or even a perception of being less, than what you are leads to suffering.
So the prophet did something about it, to the best of his abilities. The historical outcome wasn’t ideal because, at the end of the day, the prophet couldn’t be in the home of every single one of his Ummah to control the interactions his followers had with each other. And especially after his death, the Prophet could not keep his 40 year young society from snapping back to some of their misogynist ways. But the changes he did bring were still radical at that era.
Today in societies where women’s rights are further along than other societies (although still not perfect), they have things like alimony in their legal system. This helps in balancing the inequalities in the workforce and inequalities in general physiology, where a woman is physically handicapped for a long period for human gestation.
The prophet did something similar in disallowing the practice of a dowry that the women’s family had to pay. Instead, he enacted a system of feminine dowry with the purpose of helping a woman who, if a divorce were to occur, would have an incredible tough time finding sources of income without a man’s help in that society.
The example of the changes the Prophet made in women’s right’s is one change that was in alignment with a larger goal of the Prophet. He was a social Engineer. He saw holes and inconsistencies and flaws in his society and then he enacted to change and better things. THAT is what it means to be a Muslim in the truest sense. It means to take something and think about it and then make it better. Make people’s lives happier. Make society more efficient. Bring general wealth and prosperity to humanity. That was the Prophet’s ultimate goal and that is what is in line with the theme of the Quran.
What it means to be a Muslim, in any age and time, is to bring forth change for the better in every aspect of life. If there is a stone in the way that hinders you and others, move it. If you see wrong, stop it. If you can’t stop it, say it’s wrong. If you can’t say it’s wrong, at least think to yourself that it’s wrong.


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