Feed me Seymour!

Audrey II, the alien plant in Little Shop of Horrors, said to Seymour “Did you think this was all a coincidence?” And then goes on to tell him that if he feeds him blood, he can grant Seymour any wish he desires.
How was a plant able to attract that man to come into the store almost immediately after being displayed on the window? How could it promise to grant Seymour Cadillacs and money and anything else he desires?
Human beings have been evolving slowly throughout our short time on this planet. As a sentient creature we are evolving our sentience to greater and greater heights. And who’s to say that there aren’t other creatures out there in the universe that have done the same? What will this evolution of sentience eventually lead to?
There have been prophets all over the span of human existence that has been eluding to this higher evolutionary existence, most of those prophets have been stepping stones themselves for such evolution. For example, before the time of Christ, most humans on the world have been trying to earn their salvation from their conscience through bartering.
“Oh god, vishnu, gaya, dead ancestor, I’ll trade you prayer or animal sacrifice if you make my guilt for treating my mother so horribly go away.”
The new concept that Christ brought to the cradle of mankind was a clear conscience through transformation without need for sacrifice or bartering with external things. This disengages our psyche from external circumstances and roots our happiness from within. And that is available despite any circumstances of reality. A solar eclipse doesn’t portend doom and destruction anymore, a volcano erupting isn’t God’s wrath.
These little and large shifts in human paradigms are leading up to something. Figures like the Buddha and Christ and many others shows us examples of an individual being that has gone to the next level.
The Buddha would say that there are infinite beings out there in the universe, we just can’t see them as he can because we’re not enlightened. And that’s a fact of reality that we deal with in all practical moments of our lives. The invention of the microscope and the telescope has opened our world to realities we weren’t aware that existed right below our feet and right above our heads. Reality is only as big as our awareness to handle it. And we are barely blind infants still.
Take our senses for example. We are capable of seeing only a fraction of “light” through our eyes. We hear only a fraction of the entire spectrum of sound frequencies. We only smell the things that we have receptors for, same for taste. And how often in your day do you even really feel just the clothe’s that you’re wearing?
What is possible with more awareness?
From the beginning of what can be even defined as “human,” we have been using tools for progression. We take sticks and minerals from this earth and make things out of it. We kill plants and animals and consume them for energy. We grind up leaves and roots to keep us healthy. We are absolutely dependent on natural resources, external to ourselves. This is because we are currently only just a collection of the same materials of this planet that we subsist on. When we want to affect reality in some way, we must utilize the items in that reality itself to change it. If you want to go anywhere, we expend energy we consumed from plants and animals and walk. If we want a Cadillac, we get a job where we use some tools to manipulate reality in some way that benefits other human beings so that they give us sheets of carbon that some other humans collected from plants. And we trade in those sheets of carbon for a collection of minerals and organic fossil hydrocarbons and maybe animal skins that we call a Cadillac.
Like we were psychologically before Christ, we are still physically. We still have to rely on external things, and sacrifice and barter to acquire some material personal gain and outcome.
Is this the only way there is for existence? What if we knew how to use some sort of internal mechanism to affect external reality? What if we could become like Audrey II and grant Seymour his wishes just by the power of our mind?
Many of the prophets have been able to do this. Christ could save roman children from hundreds of miles away just with a thought. Noah could build an ark to safeguard his family and thousands of other creatures from a flood in just a few months. Moses could turn sticks into snakes and bend back thousands of gallons of water.
But you argue that these aren’t those men doing it, it’s God. And I agree, it is God. But what is God? If God is omniscient and omnipresent, then isn’t God the canvas that the artist paints on? The paintbrush and ink that the artist paints with? The mind that the artist uses to produce the painting? The idea of the painting and art itself?
In simplest terms what I’m getting to is that, in Little Shop of Horrors, Audrey II was an enlightened entity that was capable of changing reality with the power of it’s own internal will. It was a prophet, in a way, that just needed blood to remain alive and grow biologically while it was affecting the reality around it to make things more efficient for it’s biological survival, and the survival of it’s off-springs.
One day, we will be capable of traveling worlds through the power of our mind and eat other un-enlightened creatures around us for our own survival. Right now, we just make due with the creatures around us on this planet.


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