Step back

The step back.
If I could have everyone send me recordings of themselves while they create something, art, sculpture, toy models, etc., I would fast forward to the moment of the step back. I would see the pause, the quick look over, then that slight movement backwards.
That is the movement that all creators of all kinds share. Where did we learn it? Is there some sort of evolutionary reason for the step back, is it just bred into our genes? Or maybe it is just as simply explained as physics. It’s just what we have to do to better see what you just did.
I’d like to compile the step back of thousands of people. I’d like to watch that half second moment, of person after person, a slideshow showing hundreds in a matter of minutes. I’d get a large screen and lay out the clips in a mosaic, hundreds of people stepping back all at once, perfectly synchronized.
I’d like to go to the society of Ayn Rand and tell them that I have just found their new salute. I’d become such an expert at it that I’ll write a book analyzing step backs and anthropological and psychological meanings behind them. I’ll define a whole new performance art form that will be inserted meme like into mainstream media. I’ll give lectures and have workshops on stepping back.
And then, one day when I choose to retire from it all, I’ll hold a huge assembly. Hundreds and thousands of people will come to see the master of the step back. And I will stand in front of them all and pause, look the entire assembly over, then to get a better view of the thing that I have created I’ll step back.


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