In the cracks of thought

Black holes?
Laughter rang. It didn’t exactly ring in the air, I rang with laughter, I was the one that laughter was ringing on.
They are.. like the holes in your garment that you wear. See the hole for your neck? Your arms and legs?
Purpose? Well yes.. I suppose you can say there is a purpose to them. But it’s not as simple as an opening for my appendices.
Now now, don’t shake your head, it will be all right.
I instantly remembered both holding my first child in my arms late at night as she slept and also memories of being held by my mother in a very similar night. I don’t even remember ever having that memory before.
You’ll never really understand everything so you might as well enjoy whatever you do understand now. It’s so little. You are all so innocent. You have no idea what joy I get in watching you.
The feelings of my first kiss, the first time I heard her say ‘I love you’ to me, that time I made a really funny joke at work and everyone laughed, when I beat the boss on that game, small things and large things all at once.
Stop? Stop what?
Again that laughter..
Alright alright, I’ll stop teasing you. It’s time for you to have your next thought anyways. You were thinking abut black holes. What a silly thing to think about. You’ll never see one. Well anyways. I’ll see you again really soon.
Just, before you go, remember..
I love you.


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