Beating heart

After prayer I sat there and the movements increased the rate of my heart beat so that I could feel it. I sat listening to my heart, each beat a testament to a gift that God gave me that I can’t really truly appreciate because I’m too busy experiencing it.

I began to notice that my heartbeat feels more powerful at that moment than ever before. Or maybe I just don’t notice. It makes sense, something that pumps blood through every single vein of my body should be powerful enough to jerk my body like those air blown puppets in front of used car lots on weekends. Was it an illusion that my body seems to rock with each beat? I began to let go of my body and let it rock more noticeably. Soon my body began to move in rhythm.

I’ve never felt so connected with my life. It wasn’t a thought exactly, just an experience. It was almost eerie also, I didn’t let it last too long because it freaked me out. But it wasn’t so super amazing or unique that I tried it again. Anyone can do it at any time I think. And I think I can do it again later. But I felt like it was more necessary to blog about the experience than to have the experience some more.


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