Opening your eyes, the world gets brighter

How long have I been keeping my eyes half closed?
When was the last time I opened my eyes wide?
I look like an idiot though.. or like I’m crazy.
But isn’t this how kids look?
Their eyes are wide open, taking in as much of this world as they can.
What happened to me? Why do I now keep my eyes half closed?

Everything is dimmer, feelings are less clear.
I chase for more and more sensations when I can’t even enjoy the sun on my face or the wind through my skin.
When was the last time I tickled with feelings all over my body by just laying down on some soft cool sheets?
When did I felt the hot water in the shower warm my skin?

And when was the last time I cried when I didn’t like something?
When did I even allow myself to fully dislike something? So that it shows on my face?
Why do I hold this pain inside me? Just when did I start doing that?
Do you notice toddlers, how they cry if they’re hurt?
And then some simple gesture from someone they love dearly makes it all better.
Wipes the slate clean.
When’s the last time I’ve had my slate wiped?
When was the last time I let someone hold me and make things all better?


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