Lost my heart

I lost my heart for two days.
I thought I was fine, I thought I was ok without it.
Who needs that incessant beating anyways?
Always reminding me that I’m alive.
But when my heart came back to me,
I was able to realize that those two days
were a reminder of how dead
I am without my heart.
It’s not so dramatic though.
That’s the sad thing about being dead inside.
It’s never exciting or noticeable for the person outside.
Until that person is brought back to life.
So there’s a lesson in this all.
You only suffer about death when you’re alive.
So we’re all better off dead than alive.
Ok kidding, that wasn’t the lesson.
The lesson is that it’s truly the only good feeling
that we can’t doubt whether it’s real or not.
The feeling of being alive.


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