Captain’s Log: 2010:10:21:10:21

This morning I was taking a shower and I thought about how cool it would be if I could just talk out loud my ideas of writing a blog about voice recognition and how it’ll be the next revolution in communication.
So often I have these ideas at moments where pulling out a paper and pencil or a laptop to document my thoughts would not be an option.
When I’m showering for example.
And I always have moments where I know I just had a great idea but because I’m not going to go through the extra effort of documenting it, the idea will be lost. And I wonder how many billions of humans over the ages have had ideas that if they only had the ability to document it, it would’ve changed the world dramatically.
Of course, not always for the better. It’s dangerous, writing out ideas and having others read them. Karl Marx had an idea that the natural evolution of human society will lead to utopia. People took his idea and tried to force utopia and look what happened.
But other then just the possible attainment of great ideas (along with really crappy ideas), there is also the benefit of exponential new possibilities in communication.
When I see documentaries on Nova, they would try and talk about the evolution of human language, but then focus on things like writing and characters. Those are vitally important but they are only as important as the hammer that builds the house. It’s the house and the builder of that house that needs to be studied, not the hammer. The hammer is just a tool, writing is just a tool. It’s language and the humans capable of producing language that is the interesting factor.
And just as now most human beings in the world type more than they write, the next evolution in tools like Apple’s Siri will take us to the next stage from writing to.. well talking. Yes I know, it sounds like we’re regressing as a human species but yet again you’re only focusing on the tool.
What is truly interesting is how it will affect information in the future. Here is my projection:
Reading will be more important than ever. Sounds contradictory from what I just said, but there are only so many people with a natural beautiful voice and so many good orators in the world. Sure, the spike of oration may rise, but most likely people will use their voice in moments like.. when they’re taking a shower for example.. to write blogs or memos or letters. These will be transcribed into readable text.
To help this new revolution, or produce the revolution itself (what came first, the chicken or the egg?) technologies will be jumping on to perfect voice recognition and ways of transcribing text through voice. After a few companies with good products and good marketing emerge, they will come together and create protocols for voice inscribing:
– “Captain’s log” to create a new “document.”
– “period” at the end of each sentence.
– “Trash that last sentence”
– “pause transcribe”
– “etc”
Now even your mother can send you emails and text messages. No more having to figure out how to use the computer to tell you she wants your attention so that she can tell you everything that’s going wrong with the family and your life. They can now do it using the best tool that they have, their wonderful, beautiful, motherly nagging voice.


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