Candy Coated Truth

The prophets wanted us to be happy. They knew that true happiness is a function of how close you are to the Oneness of reality. But they knew that this message was too simple, people require complexity to digest the truth. When input comes into a human mind, it first goes through a layer of neo-cortex that mindlessly dissembles the information, associates each component to something similar that has already been experienced by the host, and then transmits this to the inner human core of understanding. This is great for survival, but when it comes to truth, this process garbles the message and the essence is lost. The inner core in turn, not having been given any new messages in a long time, begins to become bored and soon goes to sleep.
The prophets realize this and they are enlightened with the ability to know how to package small bits and seeds of truth in complex messages. The neo-cortex loves to chew on the message, the more complex the yummier. It starts to go crazy with “what does that mean?” “who is that?” “should I believe him?” “is he trying to hurt me?” “what did he mean by THAT?” “i think I know what he’s talking about, it’s just like..” and on and on and on. And while the neo-cortex is busy, the little bit of truth sneaks by and implants itself in the deeper core.
But it’s not the whole truth, just part of the truth. Over time, the deeper core recognizes that every once in a while, it gets something amazing, something new, something wonderful, something so sweet, but only a fractional part of something larger and greater and sweeter. It then wakes up a little, and once the inner core is even slightly lit, the entire being is dominated. The power of the inner core, once woken, is far superior to the neo-cortex and its mindless, yet practical, machining of inputs and data and reactions to inputs and data.
Courage, independence, wisdom, compassion, this is the inner core of human beings. It begins to search out for more truth, more data that it knows the neo-cortex will inevitably chew on, but bits of truth will fall through for the inner core’s true pleasure.
How the inner core hungers for truth.


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