Riddle me this..

If you saw three people building a wall
with large stones that weigh 100 lbs each
would you stare at the man who is:
a) big and burly and picking up the rocks with his bare hands and building his wall
b) a man who builds a system of levers and pulleys to move the bricks or
c) the smaller not so strong man struggling to move one stone at a time and being able to get just one stone put on the wall a day? but struggling all the time?


One thought on “Riddle me this..

  1. first i want to say thats a really good question
    or what i think is smart
    it addresses a lot of different things
    so the question is..who would i STARE at
    the most

    technical answer: man a

    i would stare at man a the most..it would be the most fascinating to watch a giant pick up thinks like its nothing
    when it would be so heavy for me..and hard for me..lits something that im not. im not strong like that or big or anything. and to see someone doing something that i cant possibly imagine doing myself..its a sight . the other two men..i can imagine myself doing that or something similar
    so to answer your question …like technically
    that would be my answer. man a.
    there is something to be admired about each of the men
    i would probably shake my head and worry about the physical safety of man b..when he was younger
    he probably was very smart intellectually. book smart.. worry that people beat him up
    and took his lunch money

    i would feel bad for man c. id wonder why hes there. why isnt he able to do the job he is better at
    but ya.. each man has things that i admire
    man a– his build..his physical strength..his speed
    man b– his ability to use his mind to think of something new.. something that could be even faster and more efficient
    man c– his mental strength.. not giving when something his tough.. whatever is motivating him to keep going.. that is another wonder..i wonder what it is

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