Truly enjoying food

The best way to enjoy food to the utmost is to spit out every other bite. Chew it, savor it, spit it out, then wait while your stomach catches up with what just happened, begins protesting, and then take another bite and swallow.
Some may be appalled at this notion. They might call it selfish and wasteful. There are starving people in the world and how dare I suggest that we just throw away half of the food we consume?
But keep in mind the outcomes of such a method of consumption. Take two people for example. The first who eats normally, the second who follows my method. Both love food equally. But one person will eat twice as much as the other and enjoy it only half as much. Why? Law of diminishing returns.
Now, the total consumption of food between the two will be the same if both people normally consumed food as usual. So there is no actual economic effect. You may wonder, if the person doesn’t spit it out but instead just has a plate with half the food to consume, wouldn’t that mean that the total consumption will be decreased? That is true, but it’s a pipe dream. You can just as easily tell everyone in the world to eat less, how well do you think that will (and has) worked? The obesity statistics gives you the answer.
So now lets look back at those two and run a comparison. On one hand, you have a person that eats just as much as he would normally eat, but enjoy it less. And on the other hand, you have a person who eats just as much as he would normally eat, but enjoy it and appreciate it more. And also, his actual internal consumption is decreased, thus there is potential for health benefits.
So what kind of people do you want your society to be populated with? The first kind? Which you already have, how well is that going for you? Or the second?
And what would happen to all that chewed up food? Well, wouldn’t it be great if human beings finally joined the rest of the animals on this Earth to use our bodies to produce bio-nutrients, compost, for the enrichment of the planet?


One thought on “Truly enjoying food

  1. Prove it. Let’s see you do it. Then write about the results fatty mcfatso.

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