Why Mr. T pities the fool

The difference between feeling sorry and being apologetic for something is whether there is any objective responsibility involved. The emotional responses between the two are the same, but the actions to be taken are different.
Most people confuse the two and some apologize even though they are not sure if they have any responsibility in whatever occurred. Others never apologize even if it is their fault. The emotional response is from a cultivated sense of compassion towards another’s suffering. There may be fundamental distinctions between pity and compassion, but simply put, feeling sorry without any objective responsibility is pity. In this situation an apology is not just unnecessary, but will be harmful due to the in-authenticity involved.
Mr. T has probably come upon the distinction between pity and apology and he has may have been through a lot due to inauthentic apologies when there is no responsibility, or lack of authentic apologies where there is fault. To help him keep the distinction clear in his mind, he began to communicate his pity for fools, for he feels that we are all fools. This is both a metaphysical statement as well as an ethical imperative.


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