The historical perspective of human beings

When reading history, one can’t help but have a global outlook on the body of human beings on the globe, rather than the individualistic view that dominates our day-to-day lives. This outlook has trade-offs. It’s easier to stereotype, but that also makes it easier to understand how and why societies do what they have done. Aspects of this view includes:
-Viewing human history much like a season of “The Real World.” There are a few people (societies) trapped in this house (the world) that has to deal with one another. Each society has it’s own personality, beliefs, needs, and desires. They grow up, change their views, and the story still continues.
-Viewing politics, economics, and warfare like a game of Warcraft, Age of Empires, Civilization, and Risk. Where are the resources located? Who is who’s friend? Who’s attacking whom? How do you balance growth in technology with growth in space? Should you start out the game by going around and murdering your opponents right away before they can establish? Sacrificing technological growth. Or should you focus on expansion of space and borders? Spreading out the amount of space you have to protect, making things more complex to handle. Or should you focus all your energy on technology and scientific theory? Remaining a small area and allowing everyone else to slowly surround you and then possibly be at their mercy due to their sheer brute force that they can hold over your head at any time?
-Viewing the human race in the world as these amoebas in a petri-dish. Each single average amoeba does the same thing through-out it’s life. Not really achieving much, yet being a part of the survival of an entire species by living out the normal life prescribed by the definition of it’s genetic code. But no two amoeba is exactly the same, the genetic code not being exact. And then, due to external forces that could possibly wipe out the entire race, the few amoeba that has certain traits to deal with the new problem, “shine” in the amoeba world and causes a paradigm shift in the entire amoeba race. Evolution at work.


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